• Sound Journey Meditation

    sound instrumentsMarch 9, 2016

    Enjoy the deep relaxation and healing of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, gentle breath work and guided meditation. with Certified Sound Healer and intuitive musician Nina Vecchi.

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Peace On Earth, Good Will Toward Men… Really?

Our world is spinning out of control at an hysterical (and historical) rate of speed. And right in the middle of all this is the season that is all about love, forgiveness, gratitude, Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men. HOW are we supposed to make those opposite worldviews come together?

Abby & Merry 350X350

Sit. Stay. Focus.

If you can control your head (your thoughts), you can gain better control over the rest of your life. Control your head with whichever mindfulness practice you prefer and you will find peace.

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