• Beacon Hospice Leominster Care Center Free Open Information Session for Volunteers

    Beacon Hospice LogoAugust 13, 2015. 6-7:00 pm

    Someone needs your help today…

    Learn to help create a patient and family environment of comfort and dignity. To find out what’s involved in our volunteer training, attend this free session.

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  • Amai’s Magic, Movement for the Soul

    Amai 250X250August 16, 2015

    You’ll be captivated by her as I have been in our phone conversations. Her energy is amazing, she is a joy, and brings deep wisdom. I cannot wait to meet her in person. ~ Merry

    Amai’s Magic facilitates personal transformation and wholeness through the use of dance, music, and art; shamanic psycho-spiritual and contemporary recovery techniques; and teachings from the cultural and spiritual practices of African, Asian, First Nations (Native American) and other traditionally-spiritual peoples of the world.

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Free To Be

We can only hope for a lasting peace when we individually come to understand that EVERY living being is a part of me; there is no duality; I am you and you are me, and what I do to you, think about you, how I behave toward you, I am doing to myself.

Forks by david pacey licensed under CC BY 2.0

Put Down Your Fork!

True happiness is being 100% present to this time, this space, this moment, right here, right now and knowing it holds everything we could possible need to not just survive, but to thrive.

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