Our Mission

True North Holistic Center and Retreat House

Your Center for Deep Transformational Work

It is our mission to offer space in which you are able to find tranquility, training, and transformation for your journey toward wholeness.

Why True North?

When travelers, either by land or by sea, need to find their direction, they seek True North. Once they know where North is, they can set their compass by what is true and unmovable and they cannot be lost as long as they keep True North in sight. They may not know exactly where the twists and turns will take them but they can stay the course and move forward with confidence.

As individuals, we each need to determine for ourselves what is absolute and unmovable in our lives and in our personal belief system. What is it by which YOU set the compass of your life? When all around you is confusing, or the signposts are few and far between or terribly blurred, what absolute can you point toward and feel assured that you are on the right path?

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What We Offer

We offer a quiet tranquil space, a knowledgeable and compassionate staff, nourishing food, empowering and transformative classes, and facilitation for the following:

Individual Retreats:

One or more nights, year round, self-guided or facilitated by our staff, bring your own food or have our staff cater your retreat.

Group Retreats:

One or more nights, year round, self guided or facilitated by our staff, bring your own food or have our staff cater your retreat

Classes & Workshops

See the full calendar of our scheduled and on-going events. Our space is also available for rent by practitioners.

Integrated Reiki™ and Energetics Training
Certificate Training (CEU’s available) in Integrated Reiki™ levels 1,2,3,Master, Monthly public Integrated Reiki™ Clinics, Dynamic Equilibrium training, Private Integrated Healing sessions and more offered by Evoking Alchemy.

Additional Amenities:

A large variety of modalities offered by staff and local practitioners is available to enhance your retreat (yoga, guided meditation, Integrated Reiki™, and more.)

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