• Dynamic Equilibrium™ in the Cancer Experience

    EA symbolOctober 9-11, 2015.

    A Weekend Residential Training in Applied Energetics Training for Practitioners,
    Caregivers & Support Providers.

    How you are energetically matters in every moment, every experience, every encounter of your life.

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  • Dynamic Equilibrium™ – Energetic Intelligence in Healing and Caregiving

    EA symbolNovember 6-8, 2015

    A weekend residential training in applying Energetic Intelligence in healing, counseling, coaching, facilitation, caregiving.

    You will experience teachings, somatic practices and guided trance work to evoke a new understanding of yourself as an energetic being with the capacity to be vibrant, growing and purposeful, moving through life in balance and stability, partnered with Spirit toward the full expression of your human magnificence.

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Abby & Merry 350X350

Broken Places

We don’t ever meet a single soul in our travels through this world who hasn’t been touched by some brokenness. Maybe we can “rescue” each other by offering each other patience, understanding, support, gentleness.

Free To Be

We can only hope for a lasting peace when we individually come to understand that EVERY living being is a part of me; there is no duality; I am you and you are me, and what I do to you, think about you, how I behave toward you, I am doing to myself.

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